“riza3architects” is an ensemble carrying common concerns and queries about architecture through generation of architectural forms.

Founded in 2008, “riza3architects” is a young and dynamic architectural bureau, fortunate to have the possibility to work on a variety of projects, being present from design inception all through to completion, including construction supervision.

“Our philosophy is to collaborate with clients to design seamless buildings that adhere to functional requirements and offer enduring aesthetic qualifies. We believe that design is not only about visually pleasing form, compliance with guidelines and the fulfilment of programmatic needs, but it is also about cultivating client relationships and understanding their needs and objectives.

“riza3architects” is known for achieving clients' goals.

Our unique and interactive design process with clients and our use of advanced technologies to explore alternative concepts has led to inspiring and timeless architecture.

Green design 

Our mission is to protect the environment by using creative, problem solving design processes. We work with both clients and environmentalists to transform theories into coherent and practical resources and design buildings within the context of communities that evoke environmental awareness.”


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