TINY HOME COMMUNITY COMPETITION 2015                       





"This project had the best combination of site organization, appropriate construction methods, and thoughtfully organized residential dwellings."


"The design was sensitive to the scale and context of its community and we thought it would enhance the neighborhood. The designers showed a strong sense of urban sensitivity to the needs of the individual and the community."


"There was a lot of discussion about the stone gabion walls. Some jurors thought this would be an innovative way to develop client participation, others thought it was a poor choice because it didn’t lend to portability and was not flexible. On the other hand, the gabion would give the dwellings a sense of place and permanence."


"The floor plans of the units were very well done and made the best use of space for residents. Cross ventilation was good. Lofted sleeping areas were very useful, and we appreciated shading devices for the hot western sun."


"The site plan organized the project into four smaller-scale communities of three units each. We thought this was a great idea because it organized the site in a effective way and made different combinations of residents possible in response to individual needs for community and privacy. It had a nice sense of scale along the street."


"We thought the project was very appropriate to its climate, especially with the adaptable western sunscreens. The project was well grounded and offered a sense of security to the people living there."


"This was a project that would make a difference."



an outreach initiative of AIA North Carolina and the Center for Architecture and Design (CfAD)



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