TRANSITIONAL HOUSING_Homelessness is increasing dramatically- a symptom of economic crisis and unemployment, highlighting now, more than ever, the deficit of social, housing and welfare policies, in Greece. In 2015, there was an international open call to architects. A committee of architects – members of A.I.A. North Carolina – created a new role, called DESIGN ACTIVISM, seeking to address social issues, through public dialogue and architecture.

                                                                                         is addressing the problem of homelessness, through a new perspective. Their program, suggests a new community, to be placed on leftover city land, within an average neighborhood. Homeless people living among average families (in a residential area) as individuals – not institutionalized. In a less tensed - that an urban center – environment, this community is meant to remind its residents, how to cooperate. Communal responsibilities, in lieu of rent.

A preparation stage for a potential work environment. Promoting the individuality of its residents, creating a sense of importance and home, encouraging them, to mingle with the locals.


It is an EXPERIMENT that if it succeeds, it can be repeated; if not, the homes can be moved and integrated elsewhere. A low cost sustainable housing system, based on prefabrication, programming, and downsizing of the living space. A call, to the right to adequate housing and adequate standard of living. While millions around the world live in life- or health threatening conditions, in overcrowded slums and informal settlements, or in other conditions, which do not uphold their human rights and their dignity, further millions are forcibly evicted, or threatened with forced eviction, from their homes every year. The time calls for planning long term solutions that would refer to the global problem.


In order to address this issue on a world scale we have organized dynamic balancing systems, creating a structure:

•  Flexible, transformable, portable and yet rigid enough to give its residents a sense of importance              and home.

•   Prefabricated, but none the less, able to blend in with the surrounding environment

•   Low-cost, sustainable, contemporary, adequate houses


An attempt to achieve these objectives through:


1. Programming       

2. Integration       

3. Mass production


Design Synthesis based, on a modular program, which follows the harmonic scaling of preset absolute sizes and orders of articulation, of prefabricated structural elements. Different types of houses, even tiny ones (detached, semidetached or attached) are modulated, in order to form communities and accommodate individuals, in larger scale residential plans.  - MODULARITY


-Appropriate use of technology, common means of construction and use of local materials.


USAGE - Shelters for people affected by disasters (natural or man-made),for the most vulnerable groups in society, and  also an alternative way of sustainable housing.


Architecture, responsible for any structure that shelters human activity.


PHILOSOPHY - We try to redefine the home, with a manner that most closely approximates the essence of our existence. So that the "shelter" can become a given for everyone …to follow us like the turtle shell ... Our "home" is our shell, our corollary...Our time as people on this planet is definite ... as though society, as humanity has existed for hundreds of thousands of years and will continue to exist ... monumental architecture, the Parthenon, Hagia Sophia still stand as they should to remind us that

.... but memory is a way to keep the conscience of collegiate society because through it we create bonds with people around us, we remember our ancestors, we realize the essence of our existence .... i.e. finite person, compared to the potentially infinite humanity .... The house, as an integral life container, should be approached as this particular character of our existence ..this  IMPERMANENT PERMANENCE

Greek Pavilion Venice Biennale 2016

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