These are two seaside houses, 120sqm each, within a site of 6000sqm.

The parametric design, low power consumption and the integration of design panels producing electricity from solar radiation data have played a key role in planning and shaping of the buildings

Initial alignments, obtained from the data above, have been combined with essential quality objectives and principles, such as vanishing points at the sight, the unhindered movement

of the internal-external housing, which leads to the activation of the entire site as an extension of the home, attention to the gradual transition from exterior to interior space. Progressive landscaping, etc.

Thus synthesized a building unit that is in harmony with the user and the environment and also causes a positive aesthetic experience

Respecting the location and characteristics of it, fits both functionally and aesthetically,

so rather than parasitic or neutral, but the mutual symbiotic relationship with him

based on Interaction-Interdependence

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