Contemporary semi-mountainous ‘farmhouse’ with a swimming pool. 150sm of house

in  a site of 4.000sm.

Intense relief landscape..Awe inspired by nature..Respect for the landscape

Smooth interference that follows the relief and contains itself in limited ‘movements and postures’ in the site

Harmonious human-nature symbiosis

Gradual declassification of building materials, prominent experience, motion, generation of forces- winding voltages.

Gradual appearance-disappearance of the building mass during the circumferential motion, gradual annihilation of the interference from the centre (house) to the edge of the site.

The appearance of the human presence within an ecosystem causes disturbance in the preexisting balance. The architect along with his intervention faces the challenge of altering the space in such a way that a new state of balance will appear.

Therefore the birth of the new building mass that would accommodate human activity revealed itself through the search of a ‘zero point’ as well as by following the traction forces  that surround its canopy.

Pursuing a new state of balance through orientation, vanishing points, visual frames, motion. 

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