Memory is an essential component of human biological and subjective reality. It is the core of our personal story. It refers to the past, prepares us for the future and helps us experience the present.

The choice of maintaining an old house, no matter how humble that is, and  transforming it in order to cover new needs, presupposes respect to the building as a fingerprint of the preexisting human presence.

A new extension that is not to offend the earlier structure, reveals itself behind it, without disturbing imitations of former morphological features communicating the continuation of action at the site.

This small, 200sqm plot, with the existing stone surface build of 50sqm transformed into a shelter, where the adult members of a family can escape from the city.

 An effort to enlarge and modernize the small available space with an extension of

60sqm build and provision allowing the function of a contemporary kitchen-dining room, a living room with fireplace, two bedrooms with exclusive baths, guests w.c. for and the necessary storage spaces.

Location of the extension such, so without obscuring the current occupying the smallest possible portion of the air space of the site.

Attempt to visually extend the yard through fence, whose base takes the use of an outdoor bench.


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